[h2]Who are we?[/h2]

[dropcap color=”#444″]F[/dropcap]ormed in the winter of 2006, Forty Ounce Gold Creative Group is a digital media and marketing agency with over 8 years of collective experience working closely with local, national and international clients.

Our process is simple: we discover, plan, design, deploy and grow experiences, products and services to help our clients build meaningful connections with their audiences.

We believe that creativity and communications expertise must be at the core of any brand, from the very inception of its expression, to maximize its impact in a world of diminishing mass media efficiency. The best media today are consumers themselves; they can no longer be swayed without coherent and immersive experiences.

So with everything we do, we seek to create such experiences — the kind that grab people by the heart and inspire them to move, to buy, to spread the word.

We are communicators. It’s what we do and who we are.


[h2]What do we offer?[/h2]

[one_fourth][icon_box icon=”write” title=”CREATIVE”] Identity Design, Visual Design, Interactive Design, Web Design, Product Development, Campaign Development, Copywriting, Audio Recording, Artist Management, Video & Photography and more. [/icon_box][/one_fourth][one_fourth][icon_box icon=”bulb” title=”STRATEGY & PLANNING“] Consulting, Client Survey, Preliminary Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Demographic Study, And Brand Strategy [/icon_box][/one_fourth][one_fourth][icon_box icon=”ipad” title=”DIGITAL MARKETING”] Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Conversional Optimization, Web Analytics, and more [/icon_box][/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][icon_box icon=”settings” title=”ON GOING SUPPORT”] Social Media Campaigns, Email Marketing Campaigns, Brand Consulting, Artist Development, Product Development [/icon_box][/one_fourth_last]


[h2]How we do it?[/h2]

[one_fifth][icon_box icon=”eye” title=”DISCOVER”]Navigate toward a thorough understanding of your company, project, audience, and objectives.[/icon_box][/one_fifth][one_fifth][icon_box icon=”presentation” title=”PLAN”]Construct a framework for your project to take shape within in terms of strategy, production and time.[/icon_box][/one_fifth][one_fifth][icon_box icon=”image” title=”DESIGN”]Translate planning into purposeful designs that reflect your objectives and outline the aesthetic. [/icon_box][/one_fifth][one_fifth][icon_box icon=”strategy” title=”DEPLOY”] Review and prepare final product. Polish, test, finalize and deploy. [/icon_box][/one_fifth][one_fifth_last][icon_box icon=”leaf” title=”GROW”] Monitor the project’s growth as it comes to life. Evaluate, prune and water for next phase to sprout. [/icon_box][/one_fifth_last]


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